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Mac Basics

How to find the OS || How to Connect
How to Ping with OSX
|| How to do a Traceroute || IP Release/Renew

Dial-up Connection on a Mac OS X

If there is a PHONE icon in the Menu Bar at the top go HERE for a shortcut setup.
Leopard-10.5 || Tiger-10.4 || Panther-10.3 || Jaguar-10.2
Mac OS X.1 || Mac OS X

Setting Up Email on OS X

Mac Mail 1.5 (Leopard) || Mac Mail 1.4 (Tiger) || Mac Mail 1.3 (Panther)
Mac Mail 1.2 (Jaguar) || Mac Mail (OSX-X.1)
Thunderbird 2.+ || Entourage 2008

Ethernet Connection on OS X

Look HERE if you are needing a MAC address on an Apple computer.

Leopard 10.5 || Tiger 10.4 || Panther 10.3 || Jaguar 10.2
OSX.1 || OSX.0

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