To some of the TDM’fers out there (TimDaMan followers) you now also know me as B M F and was awarded so by my co-workers and friends. The B M F page is password protected.
If you have the password and going to view the page please agree to the condition below.
I am humble by all the attention I get from all my friends and co-workers. However, TDM has family and friends that will NOT appreciate the humor on the following pages; so please,


  • [D]o NOT post the content on the following pages on any social networks like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.
  • If you share the BMF page with others Citynet employees, please give password only to those you can trust to agree to the conditions.
  • If you refer them to this link please make sure they can be trusted to have a sense of humor. I don’t want to be reported to human resources.
  • I am only leave the video up for 10 days so those who gave me these gifts could see my reaction. As much as I like the attention I really don’t like seeing myself on video.


[ I AGREE, Let in the B M F page ]


Again thank you Steve Peters, Drew Pridemore, Charles Saas, Wilbert Bungard, Steve Thompson, and Jeff Pratt for being my friends.